Creative Writing Assignments

Select one of the following topics so as to be developed in up to 400 words. This exercise is 20% of your grade.

1. Write a story placing two characters in this fundamental conflict: one wants something the other does not want to give. The something may be anything -money, respect, jewelry, sex, information, a match but be sure to focus your story on the one desire.

2. A slightly more complicated variation on the same theme:  each of two characters has half of something that is no good without the other half. Neither wants to give up his/her other half.

3. Two friends are in love with the same person. One describes her/his feelings honestly and well; the other is unwilling or unable to do so, but betrays her/his feelings through appearance and action.

4. Write a story involving only one character, who is uncomfortable in his/her surroundings: socially inadequate, frightened, revolted, painfully nostalgic or the like. Using active verbs in your story and description of the setting, build forceful conflict between the person and the place.

5. Choose a crucial incident from a child’s life (your own or invented) and write about it from the temporally distanced perspective of an adult narrator.

6. Take a simple but specific political, religious, scientific, or moral idea. It may be one idea already available to us in a formula of words, or it may be one of your own, but it should be possible to state in less than ten words. Write a short story that illustrates the idea. Do not state or mention your idea at all. Your goals are two: that the idea should be perfectly clear to us so that it could be extracted as the message of the story, and that we should feel we have experienced it.


~ por rubiha en marzo 27, 2009.

2 comentarios to “Creative Writing Assignments”

  1. Maestro Rubén: Para el examen ¿solo tenemos que realizar la tarea que nos dejó en la parte de arriba? esta tarea la vamos a realizar en el áula o ya la llevamos hecha y/o va a haber examen de otro tipo; de ser así, en que consistiría. Gracias por su atención.

  2. Claudia Rivera Bocanegra
    5. Choose a crucial incident from a child’s life (your own or invented) and write about it from the temporally distanced perspective of an adult narrator.
    The first time I saw him was first and last time I felt in love it was like love at the first sight. I am not sure how it could happen that fast, may be it was because his voice just inspire mi heart and brought me to the ecstasies. When he was singing I just felt my body like flying, I did not know where exactly but I love that place. When I saw his deep big blue eyes I just can say my Dear God you are so powerful! His simple and gorgeous smile drove me crazy and his touching frightened me as a furious river running down a big mountain. I can even say his teeth were rare pearls making his face perfect, his white skin and his all body were as perfect and strong as I ever dreamed. I was burning two hundred degrees.
    My feelings went to the most extreme way of sense, I felt like a little girl expecting for someone who would take care of me, who would love me as never in life even my eyes were shinning by the strong emotion I had. Those six months dating with him were fantastic, amazing and indescribable. My love was only him.
    This was never the way I plane, I was an innocent silly girl of fifteen years who thought that love was only the appearance of the guy who I would be with, my mind lost every senses that could have, but that was only the beginning of that imprudent attitude that broke my all dreams. I did not realize how my life would take that disturbing turn. It could happen because of my short age and my poor experience in details of life like love and responsibilities. I though I was mature enough and I expected being more intelligent than I resulted to be. I really felt my self inefficient and unsuccessful.
    When I realize I was pregnant my focus of life degreed as the worst way, my arms and legs became weak and I did not know any thing I just got lost of the world I lived and I was afraid to lose my true love.
    His name is Danny and I did not had the courage to told him that he would be a father, and I just pretended that I was not in love with him any more, he became sad at first but a month later I found out that his family would move to another country and I would never see him again. I turn my self desperate I just had committed the biggest mistake ever, my heart had been broke, my head got rounds and rounds, I felt like a millions of knifes crossing my all body, my fingers were trembling as fast and hurtles that I just could cry and scream for an opportunity to change what I have done.
    The months passed quickly and my baby was born, my parents did not know what happen to me because I moved with a friend to be closer to school, and they have not seen me since my three months of pregnancy and they did not realize nothing, so when they went seeing me, my little Danielle went out with my friend so I just continued studying high school.
    When my baby had only five months I received a beautiful mail from Danny he have not known still about his daughter he told me that he wanted to see me and I accept obviously I was still loving him so we went for an ice cream and I felt my self well, his sense of humor has not changed and I loved talking to him, I wanted to told him it but I was still afraid of his answer. I return to my house and I decided to tell my parents my story, they understand me and I return to my parents house. They loved my little Danielle as I but they want me to be mature and successful so they decided to not help me with the baby and I had to survive as I could another until I finished high school.
    Sometimes I just wanted to leave my baby because of the hard work I had every day but I love her so much, and no matter I could not sleep lots of nights. I took care of my baby and finished my high school. But I was still feeling alone even when my parents and brother were with me, I have not had boyfriend since my pregnancy, I though I would never get married, and I was becoming worried about my career may be I could not study, may be I would not have the opportunity to suckle my daughter as I wish. I have heard stories about women whose could do everything so I would work as hard as I can to have a chance to grow up how ever I was just eighteen.
    Exactly the day of my architecture graduation there appeared my true love, I will never forget that beautiful look my heart was beating strongly again that strong man who loved me once and was still loving me at that moment. Danny hugged me, kissed me, and asked me to marry him. I just could not breathe, my heart stopped to beat and my smile could not support that agony, I was burning two hundred degrees again so I said yes immediately. He took his daughter and asked us for apology he was so sorry about his ignorance of his fatherhood, but he wanted to be with us.
    What a beautiful present I received my dear God! You just love me too much I feel very grateful of you blesses to me and my family, now twenty years later I want to say that things happen because something not for causality and even because a destiny it just happen because it have to. I have three healthy and lovely children and two little grandsons; and I live with my true love.


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